Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Ever wondered why the Hare lost the race?

Related image We all have read the story of "The Hare and the Tortoise"... Its one of my favorite stories till date. In fact as I am growing old, I keep analyzing it further and it gives me inner strength of continuing my journey at a steady pace.Of late a question has been bothering me, and my inquisitive mind has been asking me, 'Why do you think the Hare went off to sleep even though he was about to win the race. What were those thoughts running in his head, which made him halt? How could he have not continued running?'

I mean how can you just stop a couple of meters or minutes before the finishing line and not bother to finish the race...

I know we have been taught that slow and steady makes you win the race... Why cant it apply to fast and being steady... Tortoise was steady that is why he won, but what is it that compelled the Hare not to be steady? 
Over confidence, pride, his ability to run fast in comparison to the tortoise, but again my question to you is what stopped him from being steady too... Pride is important in life as it gives you confidence to tackle all kinds of challenges that one faces in life, so is comparison because it helps or maybe at time compels you move forward in life. Over confidence is definitely a vice but then why do we end up being so...

That's what I have been trying to figure out for quite sometime... Over confidence probably makes us take a back seat, thus letting laxity seep in our behavior towards doing our task & letting this attitude set in that 'Ah I can do it in no time, so why bother to finish it right away, I will do it when I feel like'. But again the same question  pops over "Why am I letting this happen to myself? Why cant I be steady? Continue with the process till I reach the end."
The only answer that I can figure out is, I am hell bent on looking at reaching the results. From the day a human being is born he is only being taught only to reach the end and be a winner.
As a child we are told to study to get marks in the exams rather than learn to enjoy the process of learning
As a parent have you ever wondered, even if your child scores 100 percent, he will still not become the master of that subject ever. Its not that he does not know what has been asked in that paper, but its possible, if the questions came from another chapter in that subject where your child did not have a mastery then, what would you have done.
Education is not about getting A+ in your exams or getting into some prestigious institutes after school. Its all about enjoying the experiences you gather during the journey.
 Remember the race of life, has no end, there are no winners, because we are not competing with anyone but just our selves, our own insecurities, our thoughts , our desires is what we are running from or competing with.
There is no end to these thoughts and desires, and if we don't learn to enjoy the journey then there is possibility that while waiting to see how I have fared  in my race, I might get tired and fall asleep just like the Hare did in the race and end up losing completely and get into depression even though we were the best among our peer group.

As we grow up, we get so influenced by the speed at which the world takes on us and the growing wants and desires that we forget to enjoy the journey we ought to take to reach to these results.
In a nut shell, we forget to soak in the experiences the journey/ race of life offers us.
We need to learn the biggest virtue of life is being steady so that you can learn to enjoy the journey of life, rather than burn yourself out just before finishing line. 

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  1. A very interesting and revealing perspective of the story hare and tortoise and steady factor in it. Being slow and fast are relative terms pertaining to individuals inherent traits but steady defines your success which can be acquired only if you are focused and enjoying the act.