Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Building the bridge between 19th & 21st century teaching styles!

A couple of days back there was a news in daily vernacular of how a local school (a well reputed chain of school) had asked some of the students from Grade 6-8 to write a note on stating that they will be regular in class and do their work carefully and in case there was no improvement from thereon then they will be asked to leave the school. 

Well I am not here to criticize the school or how it affects the child's mental health, but would honestly like to ask ourselves  what do we as parents, expect from schools and secondly with what objectives are schools operating in the 21st century?
In today's era when we are talking about education for sustainable development and how life skills and cognitive skills together can help us reach the ultimate goal of sustainable development, then why are we still stuck to the old method of teaching which were developed to enthuse clerical labour force for the industrial development some 200 years back...

CCE is all about development of the child by using the method of Observation, Exploration and Expression. The letter which the school made the children write does not spill the ethos of CCE or modern day teaching anywhere... it still believes in the old fashioned ways of learning where they believe school's function is only about imparting knowledge and churning the same out of the child's mind without letting him go thru the three steps advocated by CCE.
      Its time for the schools to re-think the challenges they face in the 21st century, you definitely cannot follow 19th century model of teaching. Please understand, you are the ones who are failing; not the students. The result is right in front of you, you failed in teaching and thus you got an uninterested lot of students not paying attention in your class. 
     The challenge which teachers & parents face alike, is how to make children think in the direction of finding solutions to the problems which we as grown up adults have created for ourselves by using the current resources available to us. 
     Today's child is inquisitive and likes to think. We grown ups, have been tutored not to think (thanks to the 19th century teaching style). So there comes the clash of views and thus starts a new emotional tug of war among the new gen and old gen (which we  beautifully term as Generation gap). Schools have to find ways and methods to integrate the life skills (WHO defined) with academics so that students are able to go beyond the application of the concepts taught in books and help them establish the connect with day to day living.

     Its high time we accept that there is a need to build the bridge between the 19th and 21st century teaching techniques, else we all are doomed to the new emotional hazards which we will face in the coming decades.


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