Friday, 5 December 2014


 A couple of days back its was in news that CBSE Board is planning to scrap CCE for classes IX & X after the negative feedback it has received from respective stakeholders in education system ie schools, teachers , parents and students.

The question which arises is 'Why' was it introduced in the first place in 2009. Then negative feedback has been coming since its inception...Its five years since then and Board & policy makers are waking up to this so called  negative feedback after such a long sabbatical... Agreed its for the so called good... But what about the students who passed out in these last five years?

CCE was introduced with the intention  to help improve a student’s performance by identifying his/her learning difficulties at regular intervals and employing suitable remedial measures and reduce undue stress of competitiveness. This includes all relevant aspects of personality development of a student to bring the best out of a learner. A continuous evaluation system is adopted to check effectiveness of learning process that includes both the scholastic and co-scholastic aspects of a learner’s growth.

But it just became a mere evaluation/ grading system where ‘Continuous’ has  been translated into just a series of tests or ‘mini examinations’.‘Comprehensive’ has become grading life skills, work education, attitudes, and values through co-curricular activities. 
My only concern is where are we heading with all this? With the way current system is working, our education system has become the latest fad for the policy makers to keep experimenting with the ideologies/ theories on education being floated around the world that catch their fancy. But who is getting affected?

The real problem cannot be addressed with scrapping CCE and bringing in something new or bringing the old Boards back, but it needs to be addressed by first answering a few questions honestly:

1. What is the objective of framing any education policy in India- Is it just to bring in 100% literacy or to create a system that makes the students learn to deal critically and creatively with reality and discover how to participate in the transformation of their world.

2. How are we going to reach the above mentioned objectives- For 100% literacy the current system of education is perfect. Rote methodology and then putting it in paper the way its been for over a century now all over the world.

To create a system where individual is taught how to use his freedom to transform his world then we need  to find a balance on 'how and what' aspects of learning should be evaluated so that we do not end up with another CCE. 

Its time we seriously start thinking to find answers to these questions if we really want to develop an indigenous model of education that would be universal in its appeal and impacts humanity.

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