Friday, 28 September 2012

What are you Giving to your Child!!

Sharing is one of the virtues which I remember as one the earliest things I was made to learn from my childhood. From sharing my chocolates to my toys with my family members or my friends was a norm in our household. One such little incident was about sharing my chocolate bars which some relative would get for us, instead of eating the whole thing by ourselves, somewhere we were always asked to share a piece or two with people who would be sitting in the room. The seed of sharing was slowly but steadily sown in us from our childhood.
In today’s era where nuclear families have become more nuclear among themselves with working hours of parents increasing and children left at the mercy of electronic gadgets, the virtue of making them learn ‘sharing’ is becoming monstrous for us parents . Though our children have more than we had in terms of all kinds of comforts but still its not easy for them to part with their belongings easily and especially when it comes to sharing or giving. Though this phenomenon will keep becoming worse with time, but we as parents can not dare to ignore it, as in the end it will be us who will suffer the most when our children will find it difficult to share their time with us in future.

The right way to make them sensitive to this virtue is by exposing them to small such events or episode where as a parent you feel your child will learn to share and understand the happiness one gets when something shared is appreciated by others.

The Joy of Giving Week (2nd Oct- 8th Oct) is one such event where with School participates and children can be made aware of the ‘Real Value’ of sharing with others. The exercise can involve bringing in old clothes to old toys to story books which can be given to an orphanage or interacting with children who are not as privileged like ours so that our children realize the importance of people who got them everything is to be treasured and not taken for granted. The idea is make our children more sensitive to their surroundings and get them out of their virtual world where the human interaction is minimal.

Another way to make children value the gifts bestowed on them is by making them make some toy or art and craft stuff which they in return have to gift it to someone unknown. The apprehensions of gifting to someone unknown always make you give in the best because it’s the first impression which is being made and it has to be the best one.  Secondly, the acknowledgement of getting the gift by the unknown or known person always makes us happy, that’s the reason why we shower and pamper our kids with gifts just to see that smile.

The same applies to our kids too. If we as parents will not encourage them to learn to give then how will they learn to ‘Give’ when they become adults?

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