Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Redefining the meaning of Tricolors on 65th Independence Day

For last 3-4 days I have been working on some props for my 4yrs old son who has fancy dress show in his school on the occasion of India's 65th Independence Day. Theme given to their class was Shining India (English) or Mera Bharat Mahan (Hindi). When I read this topic the only thing that came to my mind was how do I make my son understand the concept of 'Shining India'. Telling him about the past was of no use because he is too young to understand the history and present is again of no use because the maladies with which today's India has been plagued with are too depressing and we as present India are already fighting it, so what I do tell him... I asked this question to myself, and the answer was, make him visualize the future India.

So the idea now had to be converted into what my son had to say, something which he could relate to and not some fancy words, whose meaning I too as an adult Indian sometime fail to understand like- Safforn color stands for Patriotism through its diverse culture- but how often do I follow it. I have been brought up with concept caste system deeply rooted in my head. White is for purity- that's again an illusion for me, as I am still grappling to understand what do I mean by purity when corruption is running in the blood of every Indian. Lastly green, which is for prosperity- with half of the Indian population still struggling to get its complete meals and some others like me reeling under high inflation trying to maintain our basic standard of living.

So the biggest question we are facing now is, how to educate our children on what India do we want them to be make and live in. The props which I made for my son was a life-size cutout map of India which he hung on his shoulders symbolizing-' I am India', a tricolor shield which he would hold in front  and say his three lines symbolizing the three colors on the Indian flag- I am Strong India- Safforn; I am clean India- White and I am healthy India- Green.
I think my son understood these lines well, because he could connect with these words and reconnect it with what India is supposed to be. I hope with these words ingrained in his mind he will now grow up and educate himself to make India a Shining India!!

Jai Hind!! Happy Independence Day!!

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