Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Why is it difficult to study under tree shades and still be an achiever

I have always wondered how Nature when connected with studies will make an impact on children's ability to learn!! As a kid I always used to look outside the window of my class room and wondered why my teacher did not take us outside for nature walks and connect the subjects with our surroundings...
I remember being taught in our history classes that until the beginning of the last century schools in India were held under tree shades and children were taught things which were related to their day to day life... As the child progressed to higher realms of studies, he was introduced to bigger and more complex ideologies of life and nature... The end result of this form of education was that every kid who attended School was clear and strong in his basics.

But today, the scenario is totally different. I am conducting a workshop in school under a Format developed by on Experiential Learning Via Nature based Activities (ELNA) where children will be doing a series of activities under a theme related to nature and be evaluated under the Observation, Exploration and Expression format as prescribed by CCE (NCERT), the results are astonishing.

In the first week of this activity, approximately 60% of the children from the whole school who filled in a questionnaire and then totaled their scores, got their totals wrong. I am not saying that they are poor in Maths or they can't read but it just shows that their ability to concentrate and observe simple things has still not been developed, no matter which ever class they are in. The ability to apply the basics of Maths have not been developed when it comes beyond the so called MATHS CLASS...

Is this what we call education, a COMPARTMENTALIZED EDUCATION? Then I suppose we need to re-look at what our ancestors did, I will not say they were wrong, at least those who studied were clear in thier basics unlike today's children.

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