Thursday, 26 July 2012

Connecting and Reconnecting threads of an old lesson with the new lesson

In the morning I had written on how we are leading a compartmentalized education system, though reams have been written on critiquing the current methodology and I did nothing new, A simple thought passed my mind, lemme just analyze myself today and evaluate my teaching skills. I am spearheading the campaign on how to integrate nature activities with the School curriculum, then why should I not connect it in this School where ELNA is being implemented currently.

So,today I had to take a lesson on Carbon Footprint for class 1-3...made a PPT on carbon footprint, had done a survey last week among the kids to understand 'Self waste Generation Questionnaire' and what their carbon footprint will total out to be etc and explain those numbers which were collected via that survey.  I was a little nervous as I did not know how to introduce this concept to these kids, who just understand waste and CO2 but have not yet been exposed to bigger jargons like Carbon footprints etc.

So I thought lemme simply go back to last week's session of ' Self Waste generation Observation Sheets' and ask them what they were able to decipher out of those observation sheets. Kept probing them on whether there was a change in any of their actions at home wrt HOW NOT TO GENERATE WASTE. The results were astonishing. Most of them said they were cautious of their actions when it came to using water, electricity, paper etc. That's exactly what I had wanted from last week's session but was not still not sure how do I connect it with Carbon Footprint.
Then one of my colleague simply asked them about whether they know CO2 & what it is? One child answered, yes, its a bad gas and causes pollution.. Bingo!!! I had got my break through and the key to explain them what is Carbon Footprint in a simple way. The job was done... But to ensure it went home with them, I gave an assignment where they would write a story on how 'a thing went to garbage bin when it was not meant to be', using the words, recycle, reuse, waste, reduce , carbon footprint etc.
Finally I learnt, to make children understand any concept we have to go back to and fro and keep connecting and reconnecting them with their surroundings then only they will learn how to integrate.
We need to integrate our lessons with our experiences and then children will follow us!!

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